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The Boat is the seventh chapter in Mirror's Edge.


After seeing the assassin who shot Ropeburn and led her into a trap in the New Eden Mall on a camera, Faith makes her way down the factory and hides inside a van which later drives into the boat's hold. When she gets out, she finds that the area is full of blues and finds an air-vent which leads to the next area. After traversing the boat, Faith finds the person from the New Eden mall and gives chase up to the deck where they fight.

After Faith attempts to disarm the masked figure, they lead her into a chase and jump onto a zip-line down onto some cargo crates where round two ensues. At the end Faith takes off the mask to find Celeste under it. Celeste tells her that she had no choice and they were going to kill her.

Suddenly, S.W.A.T team members find them and start shooting not knowing that some highly explosive barrels are next to them. Faith grabs Celeste's machine pistol and fires at the barrels, destroying the factory. During the firefight, Celeste escapes unharmed while Faith kills the officers and flees the scene.

During the final cutscene and while in the Shard 2 time trial map, the player can see the deck of the boat lit up from the top of the building.

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