E3 2015Edit

Can we safely assume that what the community of ME1 called "Group November" is the same group as "Black November" mentioned by developers during E3 2015? The in game references only mention "November" as in the quote "Where is November", and it is unlikely there would be two separate Novembers in the game. In that case we have more info on the group

"Black November is a [sic] underground resistance movement that is sorta on the borderline of more hardcore freedomfighting or/slash terrorism. [...] they don't really care about the citezens of Glass. They do what they think is right but Faith will not really always say that they are doing the right things for the citizens of Glass." --- Sara Johnson Senior Producer of Mirrors Edge Catalyst

I don't really know how this wiki works, just thought id mention it. Someone else can confrim this and edit the appropriate sites

21:13, June 20, 2015 (UTC)

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