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Speedrunning is the act of completing a game as quickly as possible. This can be done for any game, including Mirror's Edge, The current world record for an any% speedrun is 38 minutes & 26 seconds, held by Floubz (including load times.).

Categories Edit

There are 3 categories available to "run" (act of speedrunning) in Mirror's Edge.

  • Any%

This involves completing Any% of the, whether you get every runner bag, or just bee-line it to the finish. This is the most popular category, as it is the one with the most freedom, and is the fastest one. World Record is 38 minutes, and 26 seconds.

  • 100%

In this category, you can do whatever you want, like in any&, however you must collect EVERY runner bag, in order to 100% the game. This is likely the least popular category, as it takes a lot longer as quicker paths often can't be used, or else you miss runner bags. The current World Record is54 minutes, 32 seconds.

  • Glitchless%

As the other categories utilize glitches, some people do not like them, so they can run Glitchless%. This does not allow any glitches. It is slightly more popular than 100%, as it involves a new style of play. World Record currently is 51 minutes, 45 seconds.

Other Categories Edit

There are other fun categories that have been run once or twice, and are not really competitive, and don't have a lot of focus, such as.

  • 69%

This category involves going into the time trials, and doing all of them in order until you get 69 stars. This can be done either by 3 staring 23 trials, or another combination. A good time would be around 27-28 minutes, with under 30 being a good beginner goal.

  • ThirdPerson%

Using a mod to the config file of the game, you can make the game run in third person. The animations or glitchy and look hilarious in third person, as they were not intended to be seen. It is difficult to see, and you can't tell if you're hurt or not in this mode.

Routes Edit

Like in all speedruns, the first step is routing the game, or developing a path to follow, that is the fastest. Every chapter of this game has a fully developed route, often there being 3.

  • The Basic Route

This is the route that follows runner vision and is quite slow.

  • The Intermediate Route

This route strays off the main path and skips tiny portions, or does a different jump so you get slightly ahead.

  • The Advanced Route

This is the fastest route, and involves the hardest shortcuts, and often a lot of glitches.

Naturally, to get the fastest time, you will follow the fastest route, utilizing every glitch and exploit.

Ovendonkey186 (also known as Prilit) has a very good set of tutorials here. Feel free to also watch world record runs to learn from there.

Glitches & Exploits Edit

Mirror's Edge was heavily rushed and as such, is quite buggy and glitchy. However, there are great glitches and exploits able to be used.

Bluesatin has a very helpful set of videos here.

  • Side-jump boost. (ALLOWED IN GLITCHLESS%)

If you side-jump (walk to the left or right, and jump.) you go to max speed (26km/h, and 16mph.) If you turn and face toward a location you want to go to, you will keep all of this momentum.

  • Wallrun-boost.

If you wallrun, for a very short amount of time, and when you jump off are facing as close as possible to the wall, you will for whatever reason gain speed.

  • Drop-kick.

If you kick while falling perfectly vertical, you will land and not suffer a heavy landing. This allows you to skip rolling.

  • Wallrun-kick.

If you wallrun, and then kick in the middle of it, you will land on a small invisible platform mid-way through the fall. This platform is solid, allowing you to reset your falling distance, and fall greater heights. Note that the kick you do needs to be the kick with 1 leg, not 2.

  • Drop-roll.

Similar idea to the wallrun-kick, but if you jump, and then roll of an edge, right after your roll finishes, you will land on a small invisible platform, allowing you to survive greater heights.

  • Slide-glitch. (PC ONLY)

If you bind the "use" action to scroll wheel up/down, and then either jump+coil, or slide, in the middle of those animations, if you scroll, and "use" something, like pressing a button, or turning a valve, you will skip that animations completely. For whatever reason, however, this only works on PC.

  • Pipe-jump.

If you bind jump to scroll wheel up/down, and then jump onto a balancing pipe, as SOON as you land, scroll. You will be able to jump of the pipe. You can do this indefinitely, allowing you to jump across entire pipes.

  • Wallclimb-side-jump.

If you wallclimb, and then side-jump while wall-climbing, you will jump off a briefly fly up. You can use this to either briefly wall-run on the same wall, or grab onto ledges you normally can't reach.

  • Kick-glitch.

Probably the most infamous glitch in all of Mirror's Edge. Going back to the wallrun-kick, that small platform is completely solid. For 3 frames, you can jump off that platform, allowing you to double-jump. Very easy to do if jump is bound to scroll wheel up/down. Ovendonkey186 has a great tutorial here.

Note: You can also do other actions on the platform, like slide, or side-jump.

Other Tips Edit

Jumping will also briefly give you slightly more speed. This can be useful, but can also kill your momentum completely if done incorrect.

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