Speedrunning is the act of completing a game as quickly as possible. This can be done for any game, including Mirror's Edge, The current world record for an any% speedrun is: 30 minutes & 45 seconds


  • There are 3 categories available to "run" (act of speedrunning) in Mirror's Edge.
  • Any%: This involves completing Any% of the, whether you get every runner bag, or just bee-line it to the finish. This is the most popular category, as it is the one with the most freedom, and is the fastest one. World Record is:
  • 100%: In this category, you can do whatever you want, like in any%, however you must collect EVERY runner bag, in order to 100% the game. This is likely the least popular category, as it takes a lot longer as quicker paths often can't be used, or else you miss runner bags. The current World Record is 43m 31s:
  • Glitchless: As the other categories utilize glitches, some people do not like them, so they can run Glitchless. This does not allow any glitches. It is slightly more popular than 100%, as it involves a new style of play. World Record currently is 46m 26s (Without loads) by Alexanderfive:

Other CategoriesEdit

  • There are other fun categories that have been run once or twice, and are not really competitive, and don't have a lot of focus, such as.
  • 69%: This category involves going into the time trials, and doing all of them in order until you get 69 stars. This can be done either by 3 staring 23 trials, or another combination. A good time would be around 27-28 minutes, with under 30 being a good beginner goal.
  • ThirdPerson: Using a mod to the config file of the game, you can make the game run in third person. The animations or glitchy and look hilarious in third person, as they were not intended to be seen. It is difficult to see, and you can't tell if you're hurt or not in this mode.


  • Like in all speedruns, the first step is routing the game, or developing a path to follow, that is the fastest. Every chapter of this game has a fully developed route, often there being 3.
  • The Basic Route: This is the route that follows runner vision and is quite slow.
  • The Intermediate Route: This route strays off the main path and skips tiny portions, or does a different jump so you get slightly ahead.
  • The Advanced Route: This is the fastest route, and involves the hardest shortcuts, and often a lot of glitches.
  • Naturally, to get the fastest time, you will follow the fastest route, utilizing every glitch and exploit.


  • Mirror's Edge was heavily rushed and as such, is quite buggy and glitchy. However, there are great glitches and exploits able to be used.
  • Side-jump boost (Glitchless): If you side-jump (walk to the left or right, and jump.) you go to max speed (26km/h, and 16mph.) If you turn and face toward a location you want to go to, you will keep all of this momentum.
  • Wallrun-boost: If you wallrun, for a very short amount of time, and when you jump off are facing as close as possible to the wall, you will for whatever reason gain speed.
  • Drop-kick: If you kick while falling perfectly vertical, you will land and not suffer a heavy landing. This allows you to skip rolling.
  • Wallrun-kick: If you wallrun, and then kick in the middle of it, you will land on a small invisible platform mid-way through the fall. This platform is solid, allowing you to reset your falling distance, and fall greater heights. Note that the kick you do needs to be the kick with 1 leg, not 2.
  • Drop-roll: Similar idea to the wallrun-kick, but if you jump, and then roll of an edge, right after your roll finishes, you will land on a small invisible platform, allowing you to survive greater heights.
  • Slide-glitch (PC ONLY): If you bind the "use" action to scroll wheel up/down, and then either jump+coil, or slide, in the middle of those animations, if you scroll, and "use" something, like pressing a button, or turning a valve, you will skip that animations completely. For whatever reason, however, this only works on PC.
  • Pipe-jump: If you bind jump to scroll wheel up/down, and then jump onto a balancing pipe, as SOON as you land, scroll. You will be able to jump of the pipe. You can do this indefinitely, allowing you to jump across entire pipes.
  • Wallclimb-side-jump: If you wallclimb, and then side-jump while wall-climbing, you will jump off a briefly fly up. You can use this to either briefly wall-run on the same wall, or grab onto ledges you normally can't reach.
  • Kick-glitch: Probably the most infamous glitch in all of Mirror's Edge. Going back to the wallrun-kick, that small platform is completely solid. For 3 frames, you can jump off that platform, allowing you to double-jump. Very easy to do if jump is bound to scroll wheel up/down.
  • Note: You can also do other actions on the platform, like slide, or side-jump.

Other TipsEdit

  • Jumping will also briefly give you slightly more speed. This can be useful, but can also kill your momentum completely if done incorrect.

Tips for ChaptersEdit

  • Note that it is best to complete the level in your own time first, finding your own route. For speedrunning, however, time can be very tight, especially on levels such as Flight. These tips might just shave a few seconds off your final time, and get you under the limit.
  • Along with these tips, remember simple tricks to avoid losing momentum and speed. For example, wallrunning over fences, or jumping and coiling over low obstacles to save you vaulting over them.

Chapter ListEdit

The EdgeEdit

  • Near the start, after you take the zipline, there will be a building in front of you. just off to the left is a gap, which is where you should head for. Then, string together the following moves: Wallrun (off the left wall), turn, jump, wallclimb, turn, jump. You will land next to the balance pipe and the achievement/trophy "May I have this Dance?" will be unlocked as a bonus.
  • When you are in the vent, make sure you face to the right when you start falling, and skill roll at the bottom. Then, wallrun on the right wall, turn and jump onto the electricity boxes, wallrun on the left and turn-jump up to the staircase. After the stairs level out, wallrun (on your left), jump, wallclimb (on the wall in front of you), turn, jump, coil, and you should now be at the top of the stairs. This also works well in the Edge Time Trial.
  • This last shortcut takes place when the blues attempt to take you out. When you reach their building, run straight between the two AC units straight at the red pipe. Vault off the pipe onto the catwalk, then keep going forwards onto a vent and then a higher building with some stairs on it. This saves an unnecessary disarming.


  • While trying to get the achievement for speedrunning through this level, play through it a few times before attempting it. Make sure you know which jumps you don't have to skill roll on (there are a lot that you actually don't have to). Also make sure that you can run through the level in your head first. This means that you actually know the level and know what to do. You only have six minutes to do this level. If you don't know many alternate routes for this level, you could end up with a time of 5:59 if you do everything perfect, so make sure you can find alternate routes in practice before speedrunning. If no alternate routes are used, and you skillroll on every jump, you could end up with 6:05 or higher, so be sure to watch some videos first.
  • Shortly after Kate's cutscene at the RP&A offices, the chase will begin. You will turn left and see a small city in a box, next to a green pillar. Jump over this and keep running. Immediately after, you will have to turn left, and you will see another set of two glass boxes with a pillar to the left of it. Instead of jumping these, climb onto it and perform a wallrun-180° turn to the landing above, saving you having to take the long way around. From here, you can also wallrun-jump onto the higher platform, sparing you running around the platform and up the stairs.
  • After climbing out of the opening, you will fall into another set of offices, almost identical to the previous ones. The suggested route here is to make it up onto the higher level and jump onto the roof near the vent, but you can simply wallrun-jump onto the roof from here.
  • On the rooftops, you will encounter a red set of planks, intended for jumping off onto the soft landing pad below. To save time, aim slightly to the right, where a raised scaffolding is waiting for you. Note: You will have to skillroll to keep momentum,
  • After this, turn the corner and you will enter a dark patch. To the left is roof, and to the right are some electrical boxes. Jump onto these, and when they run out, wallrun, turn 90° and jump, where a small flagpole is waiting for you. This saves jumping and running up the stairs, which cost valuable time and momentum.
  • Upon entering the City Eye Channel News building, three armed PK officers will swarm out of the elevator, which you are supposed to take. Simply wallrun-jump over their heads into the evevator. You may lose health, but the elevator will give you a chance to regenerate it.
  • This shortcut is a hard one at that, and may not be necessary if time is on your side. When you exit the CEC building, you will have to wallrun to a red door. At the last possible minute, turn 90° and perform a wallrun kick, before skillrolling onto the plaza below. This again saves going around the long way.
  • Upon exiting the subway, when you run past two guards and up a small set of stairs, there are a set of benches, which you can speedvault on up to the main walkway. This saves you going to the left and looping around.

Jacknife (chapter)Edit

  • The very start or the chapter puts you into an alleyway with a trash can and a red pipe. Now, normally, you'd scale the pipe before going through the painfully long process of skating around the fans. A much simpler way (and harder) is to jump off the trash bin and start a wall run, before jumping over the fence (remember to coil). Since the trash can is a solid object in the game, it will not topple. This can be hard to do at first, and watching the video below on how to pull it off can help immensley.
  • When you are at the entrance to the drains, you will have to climb over some scaffolding to get onto the pipes that will take you down. Instead of this, run onto the first scaffolding, then jump down onto the second, lower scaffolding, which will start to spin slightly. You want to turn around and go to the edge of the scaffolding, facing the way you came. Get as close to the edge as you can without falling off, facing the right-hand corner. When the scaffolding drops, you can simply walk off onto the platform at the bottom. Again, this is hard without practice, and the video below will help you survive. Reaction time is also advised.
  • When entering the second set of drains (after the flood chamber), there are multiple routes to take. Although both main routes start off to your right, run straight until you reach two platforms connected by loose pieces of wood, and wallrun-jump onto the platform. This saves using ladders, which are very slow.
  • After leaping and grabbing onto a ladder, another platform is visible above you. The same tactic of wallrun-jumping can get you up to this new level. Beware the sniper team, though.
  • Disarming the sniper at the top is unnessecary, and wallrunning over him will save you time. Be quick, though, as he will still shoot at you.


  • At the start of the chapter, instead of jumping over the fence, why not just bypass it? A gap between the fence and the edge can be found at the extreme left.
  • Immediately after this, when you drop down onto the building far below, you have two options: Take the marked route (To your left) or take an alternate route straight ahead of you. To get around the barbed wire fence, aim to the building to your right, which you should wallrun onto and jump off again onto the other side. Then, you will see a catwalk on top of a billboard almost directly in front of you. Run onto this, and keep running until you jump off to the solar fields. This is not a massive time saver, merely a slightly quicker alternative route that saves you climbing up the pipes.
  • After the tight squeeze in the building, instead of taking the stairs (like a normal person), wallrun-turn-jump off the vent in front of you to the needed platform above you.
  • In Ropeburn's office, you will have to scale a fountain. Instead of only going up halfway, scale the fountain where it turns red, and haul yourself up.
  • Immediately after this, wallrun-turn-jump and press attack to bust the glass in front of you. There should be a wall mural to your left, which you should face front on and wallrun-turn-jump off as well. this should get you to the top of Burfield HQ.
  • After the faulty elevator and it's associate building, you will come out and see a blue building off to your right. Beside it is an alleyway, with a convieniently placed plank and box. Use this to wallrun-jump over the fence in front of you. Alternatively, use it to wallrun-turn-jump onto the building to your left, where there is a zipline. Both are about as fast as eachother.
  • When the chopper opens fire on you, you will eventually need to take a zipline down to a lower rooftop. After the zipline, you will see a barbed-wire fence to your right and the support of the zipline to your left. Facing away from the fence, use the zipline support to wallclimb-turn-jump over the fence (remember to coil).
  • Contrary to what Merc says, you don't actually have to take out the blues, but be quick up the pipes. Afterwards, you will emerge on top of another building, with a third in your sights. Go to the right of the electrical boxes next to you and sprint at the wall before running up it. this saves you having to go around a fence. Keep the fence to the left of you, otherwise this is pointless.
  • This shortcut takes place after you exit the building and jump down onto the lower rooftop. After you scale the fence, turn to the right of the red plank. By now, you should see some orange windowshades on a building opposite: This is where you're headed. With as much momentum as possible, jump off onto the shades, saving the long way around.
  • When you finally get onto the scaffolding, wallrun over to the second section and run down the ramp. Then, looking to the right, you will see a set of planks leading up to a wall over a drop. To avoid the drop, you can use the planks to wallrun onto the wall and jump off to get to the next bit of scaffolding. This is a commonly used shortcut to avoid taking the ladders at either end.


  • To skip the electric fence at the very start, run up to the side of the fence (to your right) and look towards the building in the centre (there are two planks that you should look towards). then, wallclimb-turn-jump off that wall, then rotate your vision to the left so you look over the fence and, subsequently, go over it.
  • Following this, you can climb onto the vent you should be looking at and do a wallrun-wallclimb to reach the ledge above you. from here, there is a gap in the fence along to the right which you can go through and continue the speedrun.
  • Inside the construction-site-building, there is a nearly-complete elevator shaft. Wallclimbing up the wall to your right is possible, and will save you using a ladder.
  • After Ropeburn's cutscene, you will re-enter an orange building. No disarmings are necessary here, just be quick to the elevator and clamber up to the top, saving you potential death.
  • When you come out of the shaft in a bright blue room, you will see a red vent above you on a catwalk; this is where you're headed. Scale the wall next to the catwalk and aim to the right, where you should grab onto the handrails. This could also work with a wallrun-jump, but is yet to be tested (Feel free to say otherwise)
  • Again, at the subway station, no disarmings are necessary, but watch out for shots. Watch also for trains as you try and cross. A recommended, widely-used method is to wait for a train to pass you, dodging the bullets and run across after it's passed.
  • This last shortcut is a simple one: At the far end of the tunnels, there is a ladder to climb. But ladders are slow, right? So run past the ladder to a pillar, then wallrun-turn-jump onto the waiting bar, where it is a simple jump across.

New EdenEdit

  • At the very start, turn to the right, facing the alleyway. Still facing the alleyway, jump off the building you are on at the corner and fall to your death. Although this seems stupid, you will actually respawn in the alleyway, which saves going down the pipes. (Needs confirmation)
  • After exiting the first elevator, turn to your right, where a set of air units are stacked neatley against a fence. One is missing, and that's where you're headed. Jump on top of this and scale the fence in front of you, which you should make. This saves going around the long way.
  • At the scene of the firefight, you don't have to disarm anyone. Instead, head for the pipe towards the right. But rather than going on the pipe, go beyond it and walrun-turn-jump on the waiting vent.
  • After exiting the next building, you will be faced with a stairwell. Jump out the right side and die again. Again, you will respawn ahead of yourself, on the platform with the bike and pipes.
  • After scaling the pipes, turn to your left, where a small ledge is tucked in with the blue building. Go on this, and wallrun-turn-jump on it halfway through onto the neighbouring building.
  • You should by now be near two buildings that you will have to bridge the gap between. Jump onto the first vent and wallrun-turn-jump onto the waiting AC unit. Then, turn right instead of left and wallrun-jump-wallclimb-turn-jump up the vertical vent onto the AC unit behind you. Here, you want to wallrun onto the next AC unit in front of you (Wallrun, not jump). Lastly, string together these following moves: Wallrun (until you're safely behind the billboard), turn, jump, wallclimb, turn, jump, coil. You will save going the long way up to the rooftop this way, and also unlock  the "May I have this Dance?" Achievement/Trophy if you haven't already.
  • This next shortcut is hard, and is easily avoidable. After the two ziplines and the mass of vents and AC units, you will find two barbed wire fences and a red box meant for vaulting off. The wall next to you cuts off diagonally. Instead of this box, use the one next to it and vault onto the wall, where you will begin a brief wallrun before jumping and clearing the second fence. (Note: This is not for beginners, and a full walkthrough is on the video link below)
  • Skipping ahead to the maintainence area behind the blues, wallrunning-turning-jumping is an option through the unfinished ceiling, and you may land on some planks if you're lucky.
  • The last shortcut can make or break your run if you are on 8:50. When you reach the room with the lone pipe in it, wallrun-jump-turn next to it up to the top of the shaft. This will get you to the end of the chapter.

Pirandello Kruger (chapter)Edit

  • Near the beginning of the chapter, after Faith exits the building and encounters the ziplines, it is advised to wallrun and take the nearest zipline down to a small balcony on the opposite building, and then sprint down the external air duct before jumping onto the roof opposite. This can save 20+ seconds of landing on the landing pad and having to climb the pipes up to the roof level.
  • Shortly afterwards, you will climb a ladder up to a different level. As you stand on top of the air ventilation unit, it is advised not to jump onto the higher rooftop. Instead, still facing the PK factory, wallrun off the small section of wall after the air conditioning unit and jump over the barbed wire. From there, it's a short jump over another barbed wire fence (remember to coil your legs over, otherwise you won't make it) and a sprint to the second zipline. This saves about 2 minutes of going around the fence, through the air chamber and taking out the sniper. (Note: This can be a hard shortcut to take, especially for new players)
  • Once the ziplines are reached, taking the second zipline that darts off to the right is a faster alternative than the other zipline. Once you land, don't bother taking out the sniper, just run up to the staircase. Near the end, start a wallrun, then jump off to the landing with the red door (Reaction time is advised here). This saves a minute of climbing back up to the top.
  • Possibly one of the easiest shortcuts to miss is when you enter the loading bay. Instead of vaulting onto the catwalks and taking out an armed guard, simply run to the back of the garage, where the catwalk is near the entrances, and perform a wallrun-turn-jump move onto the catwalk. Saves a vital ten seconds and you are far less likely to die.
  • The last notable shortcut is right near the end of the chase, when Faith has just run across the vents between the two buildings. As you get onto the buildings, you may notice a zipline off to your left. Grab onto that, and let go over the train tracks. Note that this shouldn't be necessary unless you only have a few seconds left.

The BoatEdit

  • At the very start of the chapter, you will be facing the boat. The route that is marked out it to your right, however, it is easier and saves time to simply jump onto a narrow vent below the ledge in front of you. From there, sprint, jump and swing onto one of the marked flagposts, then jump down onto the roof below. (Warning: skillroll needed here) From there, it's another easy jump down onto the pavement below and into the truck (Note that it is easier to jump off the roof and skillroll rather than take the marked pipe)
  • After the firefight on Level 7A/7B, you will enter a small room with a glowing red pipe. Upon reaching the top of the pipe, turn right instead of left and aim where the small gap between the vents is. A glitch allows you to jump straight through this vent and skip the tedious process of the marked route.
  • Immediately after, you will enter a tall room. Aim yourself near the corner of the wall you've just come down and the joining wall to it's left. Wallrun off the small wall onto the tall wall, run up the wall and do a 180-degree-turn-jump onto the handrails, saving you valuable time. When doing this, make sure you make two seperate jumps onto each wall, and make the wallrun as short as possible. See video link for demonstration.
  • On the open deck of the ship, turn left instead of right and climb onto the catwalks near the lifeboats. After you climb the nearby ladder, turn to your left and you will notice a small bit of roof that sticks out from the railings. Follow it around the corner and you will save having navigate the trenches of the boat.


  • When the music changes and Merc says "Get away from them, Faith," Aim to the left of the red plank, to the air con unit where a runner-cop has just dropped. Don't worry about him, as he'll likely run past you. Instead, aim for the scaffolding to your left, and jump onto it. Then, get yourself onto the building to your right. The shortcut doesn't end here: Instead of taking the marked red route, run onto the AC unit that you should be facing before jumping off and grabbing onto the building. Make sure you're facing the building, otherwise you'll merely glance off it.
  • This next shortcut is hard, and requires maximum momentum. The video showcases this shortcut quite nicely. If you followed the last shortcut correctly, you should be facing a fence with a wall next to it. Jump over the fence and under the scaffolding, into a narrow gap. Here's the tricky bit: When you jump off the building, aim towards the right, where the building and red door are, and skillroll upon impact. Maximum momentum is needed here.
  • A much safer and easier route, abiet longer, is to wallrun-jump onto the blue scaffolding ahead of you and onto the neighbouring buildings.
  • After exiting the first building, aim more to the left when you jump down onto the second building, where the red planks and pipe can be seen in the mid-foreground. Jump off here and fall to your death, because you will respawn here, and it saves going around. It's also a bit of fun.
  • This last shortcut skips ahead to the building where you have to go down to street level. Instead of going down the stairs, taking out progressively-harder blues, jump down onto the glass bit into the middle of the stairwell, back onto the stairs and down again onto a second glass bit. Here, all you have to do is gap it through the open door.

The ShardEdit

  • When you enter the carpark, you can just run straight for the elevator if you are fast enough, rather than take any other shortcuts. Beware of machine gun fire, though.
  • In The Shard foyer, run to the extreme right until you reach the end of the room, then quickly run out and press the elevator button. Since this is the only elevator in the game you actually have to wait for, retreat back to the right so you don't get shot. Wait approximately five seconds before heading back out into the now-open elevator.
  • When you are told to "Drop any weapons you have and stay where you are," jump out of the elevator hatch and look down the side. You should see a catwalk spanning the middle; this is where you're headed. Drop off the elevator, and a swing-pipe should catch you mid-fall, which you should drop off. If you did this correctly, you should now be on the catwalk. (Note: A skillroll is needed here, but you may risk rolling off the edge, so it is best to take the heavy fall)
  • In the gold-tinted vent room, you will have to swing off a first pipe. Jump off this, and use momentum to follow your swing through on the second pipe before aiming to the right and wallrunning onto the needed vent to the right. (Quite complex: The video will help you here)
  • Outside of the Shard, the sniper team are making an effort to take you out. When you jump and skillroll onto the lower building, cover behind the lone Air Conditioning unit. Here, turn right instead of left, and you should go down a long bit of roof with an open gate at the end. This shortcut is easily missed by new players, and saves disarming the sniper.
  • The last shortcut of this series takes place inside the server room. Run through the smokebombs to the left of the catwalk and through the server room on the left. If you're lucky, the machine gunner should take this server out for you. Upon exiting the servers, get onto the catwalks via a nearby desk to your right. Disarm the machine gunner (easy with reaction time) and quickly take out the remaining servers, before dropping the gun and running up to the roof.