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Runner bags

Runner bags are yellow, multi-pocketed bags used to carry items and/or documents during a Runner's run across the city, built to be durable to keep the items safe during transportation. It should be noted that Runner bags are not the only form of containers Runners use to transport items. Smaller, yellow cylinders have also been used most probably for smaller, lighter materials.

Each bag of varying design contains a primary storage area with around six additional pockets (3 clasped and 3 unclasped) for additional materials. A bag can be carried either by a handle or single shoulder-strap.

The bags are usually stored in one of several marked locations or drop points, hidden from casual observation. To aid Runners in locating bags quickly, they are colored yellow for easy identification. Runners are usually informed of a bag's location and destination by their Tracker, after-which they set out to retrieve the bag and deliver it to its destination or, if the job requires it, pass the bag and its contents on to another Runner, who then delivers it to its destination.

A bag's drop point is marked by a Runner's symbol or tag; in Faith’s case, however, bag drop points are marked by red Runner glyphs (the Mirror's Edge series logo).

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A Runner bag in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer map Operation Métro

  • In the Mirror's Edge comic, Faith possessed a shoulder bag that she sometimes carried around during runs. Taken when she ran from home, it contained several personal items to remind her of her family; this included a data board designed for Silvine Security Systems. The bag had originally belonged to her mother, Erika Connors.
  • The Runner bag is not practical for use, as movements such as rolls and sprinting should be affected by the bag knocking against/hitting the carrier. A more effective transportation bag would be a single strap, sling-style pack.
  • In Battlefield 3, on Operation Métro, a Runner bag can be found near the third set of M-COM stations in Rush.
  • In the Battlefield 3 add-on map Death Valley, a Runner Bag can be found inside a container suspended by a crane on a skyscraper.
  • Unlockable artwork for Mirror's Edge (under Extras) gives insight on the bag: "The bag played a much larger role in early versions of the story."

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