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"Be careful, Faith. You don't know what you'll find in there..."
This article contains plot spoilers. If you do not yet know of this information, it is recommended you read at your own risk, or not at all.
For the corporation, see Pirandello Kruger.
Factory Floor

The factory floor inside the building

Pirandello Kruger is the sixth chapter in Mirror's Edge.


This chapter follows Faith's infiltration of Pirandello Kruger's office in The City. She navigates a factory setting, including a shipping area and an elevator. She eventually comes to a computer terminal and several large screens. The screens show video feeds surrounding the building as well as a nearby harbor. She activates the terminal to find profiles of several Runners, including herself. The elevator then goes down as she researches Project Icarus. She realizes what it is: A plot to destroy the runners. A steel curtain opens to reveal a training course for Traceurs. She then looks back at the elevator to see two men in jumpsuits. Faith manages to navigate out of the course and over several buildings outside, eventually escaping the PK Runners. She then gets off the train to chase the murderer.

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