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"Securing your world."
― Pirandello Kruger's motto

Pirandello Kruger's logo

Pirandello Kruger (stylized as PIRANDELLO/KRUGER), or simply PK, is a private security corporation based in the city.

Not necessarily a law enforcement agency, they have provided more powerful personnel at times when the City Protection Force cannot use their own forces or the situational risk may be too high for normal officers.

Background Edit

The city’s primary law enforcement, the City Protection Force, had come under threat of being taken over by the Pirandello Kruger security force for being the primary policing force in the city. Pirandello Kruger was also involved in creating a specialized law enforcement program to combat the Runners network. Known as Project Icarus, the program was supported by the likes of Travis Burfield of Burfield Shipping and Mayor Callaghan, who also ran Callaghan City Construction, however the program also met resistance from people such as Mayoral candidate, Robert Pope of Robert Pope & Associates. This led to Pope’s assassination and the frame-up of CPF Officer Kate Connors, who’s vindication would assist in PK’s take-over of the CPF. The incident indeed forced the CPF to work alongside Pirandello Kruger forces in an attempt to catch fugitives such as Kate’s sister, Faith, who had discovered both the assassination plot and Project Icarus.

Notable PK personnel Edit

Possible Weapon Used Edit

  • Barrett M95
  • Colt M1911A1
  • H&K G36C
  • H&K MP5K PDW
  • M249 Para
  • Neostead
  • Remington M870

Trivia Edit

  • EA games temporarily hosted a mock website for Pirandello Kruger that featured image files that, when viewed through a text program, revealed secret messages from Faith.
  • The website's source code also features the message: "They’ve found us. Stay off the wires, [sic] Exif only."
  • The frequency "88.7" can also be found written within the source code.
  • "PK" is an online game-generated acronym meaning "Player Killer", which are players that kill other players' characters. Given Pirandello Kruger forces are occasionally referred to as "PKs", this reference may be intentional.
  • In the Mirror's Edge 2 teaser trailer, "ERT-2 KrugerSec" can be seen on the left arms of enemies.

Gallery Edit

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