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The November Riots (or called The November on Wall Graffitis) is a series of protests against the emerging Totalitarian government in the city in Mirror's Edge. They were planned and organized by Robert Pope with collaborative help from others like Faith and Kate's parents.


Before the Chapters in Mirror's Edge, the city slowly started to become a Totalitarian Government. Though some didn't mind the new form of government or just didn't notice, many hated such change. So, having Pope as their leader, they made protests against the government, hoping to change their minds before the process of becoming a new one is completed.

Early demonstrations (rallies, protests, and marches) seem to be nonviolent as there was no break in the plans. However, soon Riot Control Forces (should be Pirandello Kruger's or City Police Forces' officers) began to attack the protesters, either without reason or because the protesters attacked first.

With such violence, damage, and even death to some, these protests were known as riots. The protests stopped because it couldn't go on with the damage done. Known as a piece of history in the city, these events were called the November Riots.

In Mirror's EdgeEdit

  • The Connors sisters lost their mother (she was killed) in one of the violent protests.
  • Pope planned to be mayor of the city at the time when Faith was a Runner, hoping to make success of what the Riots wasn't able to do.
  • Wall Graffiti on a Bag location in the The Shard Chapter says, "Where is November???"
  • A memorial was supposed to be unveiled to remember the events of the riots. However, current mayor Callaghan called off the unveiling, simply saying there was a security threat (most likely followers of the protest could put up a fight there).

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