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For the location where this chapter is set, see New Eden Mall.
New Eden inside

Inside the New Eden Mall

New Eden is the fifth chapter in Mirror's Edge.

Plot SummaryEdit

Learning that Pope's possible murderer would take part of a meeting at the New Eden Mall, Celeste questions why Faith continues to investigate, telling her that it's best to keep a low profile. Faith replies "everything's changed" and recalls her early life, including her involvement with the November Riots and leaving her deteriorating family, abandoning her sister, Kate. Cel says it's pretty much suicide to press on, but Faith says she has to repay Kate by clearing her name.

Hours later, Faith heads to the Downtown District, with Mercury warning her that Callaghan's political campaign increased police activities. Making her way closer to the mall, the Runner meets heavy resistance from blockades/checkpoints, with Blues' methods going as far as deploying PK helicopters and forces with automatic weapons. The person who assassinated Ropeburn/Burfield is seen also heading to the mall.During this run to the mall, Faith will need to use one elevator. The screen inside the elevetor says: "Armed conflict in Serdaristan worsens". Serdaristan is a fictional country in the Battlefield series, also developed by DICE. It is possible that the plot of Mirror's Edge takes place during the US-Russia war in the Battlefield series, or is just an inside reference.

Successfully evading the law enforcement, Faith enters the mall through back doors by means of going through offices and shipping delivery docks. Though seemingly empty and closed, Faith makes an attempt to chase after the assassin in the mall, only to be ambushed by Pirandello Kruger men armed with heavy weaponry, a trap set up to eliminate her. However, the Runner dodges death, and heads to the mall's rooftop, seeing the assassin take a final look at her from afar before departing. Faith and Merc now fully know that Pirandello Kruger is involved with the assassin, the death of Ropeburn, and is most likely a big contributor to the Pope murder-conspiracy.


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