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The Mirror's Edge Original Videogame Score is a collection of music tracks written by Swedish electronic musician Magnus Birgersson, also known as Solar Fields and Lisa Miskovsky. It was released online on November 14, 2007. Solar Fields said that "the music should reflect the environment, the story, the gameplay and Faith's mood". It was released online on May 19, 2009.

Track ListingEdit

Track # Track Title Composer Time
1 "Introduction" Solar Fields 5:34
2 "Edge & Flight" Solar Fields 6:55
3 "Jacknife" Solar Fields 6:25
4 "Heat" Solar Fields 7:01
5 "Ropeburn" Solar Fields 7:15
6 "New Eden" Solar Fields 7:52
7 "Pirandello Kruger" Solar Fields 7:08
8 "Boat" Solar Fields 7:30
9 "Kate" Solar Fields 7:13
10 "Shard" Solar Fields 7:16
11 "Still Alive" Lisa Miskovsky 4:34
12 "Still Alive (Instrumental)" Lisa Miskovsky 4:28

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