Kruger Security logo as seen on the in-game billboard advertisements.


Kruger Security (KrugerSec, KSec) is a private security division of the Kruger Holding firm owned by Gabriel Kruger and is the security arm of the Conglomerate. They presumably fulfill the role of law enforcement in the City of Glass, despite being a private organization.

Kruger HoldingEdit

A security, weapons manufacture, and resource mining giant, Kruger Holding is the largest and most influential corporation within the Conglomerate. A Kruger has occupied the Conglomerate Director Chair for 10 out of 14 Fiscal Years since the Conglomerate’s rise to power, and currently Johanna Kruger is calling the shots.

A security, weapons manufacture, and resource mining giant, Kruger Holding is the largest and most influential corporation within the Conglomerate. Its main subsidiary KrugerSec handles all security in Cascadia, and its personnel enforce order on the streets and rooftops of the vast, sprawling cities. KrugerSec is led by Gabriel Kruger and has its corporate headquarters in Glass.

A Kruger has occupied the Conglomerate Director Chair for ten out of fourteen fiscal years since the Conglomerate's rise to power.


Sniper TurretEdit

Also called a Sentry Drone. A stationary AI turret developed by KrugerArms with a long fire range. It's GridPrint detection systems and GaN lasers allows it to efficiently recognize unauthorized personnel quickly at a significant distance. Using the highest calibre munitions authorized in mid-hiCaste centres, the drone is extremely dangerous and accurate against low speed targets. Once detected Faith must keep moving at all costs to avoid being hit.


The most common face of KrugerSec to a well behaved employ. A constant reminder to the employs to closely follow Conglomerate policy and keep job performance high. Runners have been dealing with them for years and the Guardians offer little challenge to even a relatively new cabal member.


An uncommon and uncomfortable sight for Employs as their presence is often associated with direct policy enforcement, a demotion, or even deportation to lower caste facilities. Resistant to damage and able to counter or retaliate against repeated attacks, their increased level of competence and protective gear make them a serious threat when found in groups.

Shock ProtectorEdit

There has been little to no overt resistance to Conglomerate rule in Glass since the November Riots. Still, KrugerSec has a class of units called Shock Protectors trained and ready to handle large groups or difficult employs or loCastes. Equipped with the Kinetic Pacifier, one or two can effectively corral large groups and force them to the ground. Shock Protectors are tough and extremely resistant to direct attacks.


The Enforcers are the special tactics team of KrugerSec, trained in tactical positioning and high damage ranged combat. The Enforcers are however only lightly trained in close quarters fighting. Used for external military purposes they have only been present in correctional facilities or as Gabriel Kruger’s personal bodyguards. This is about to change.


They are the Elite level of KrugerSec and represent the highest trained enemy you will face. The training program is shrouded in secrecy but their effectiveness is undebatable. They keep employs safe, often from themselves. The Sentinels are fast, tenacious, and quick to deliver punishment.


Kruger Security relies on vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for a rapid air response. A drone is a flying version of the Sniper Turret.


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