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Clarence E. Kreeg

Clarence E. Kreeg, often referred to simply as Kreeg, is a Runner who works with Mercury and Drake.

History Edit

Early life Edit


Kreeg caught by Austen Reynolds

Working as a Runner for Drake, Kreeg came under attack by a masked Austen Reynolds, who was after the photos Kreeg was carrying in his bag.

Fortunately, Faith Connors arrived to fight Reynolds off. Later, Faith called upon Kreeg to tell her where he had gotten the photos from in order to continue an investigation she was conducting on said photos.

Aiding Faith Edit

After escaping Robert Pope's office, Faith was pursued by the City Protection Force. She was told by Mercury to escape via a plaza and to meet up with Kreeg. After Faith slid down an incline and fell through a sheet a glass to where Kreeg was waiting, the two escaped.

Later, he was employed to deliver a Barrett M95 sniper rifle to a vantage point for Faith, so she could use is to stop a convoy carrying her then arrested sister Kate Connors and free her from City Protection Force custody.

Trivia Edit

  • Kreeg's clothes are very similar to Mercury's clothing in his 3D model, though their color schemes differ.
  • Faith wears a shoulder bag for delivering information. Kreeg, however, opts for a shoulder-holster style set up for carrying information.

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