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"BE CAREFUL, FAITH. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'LL FIND IN THERE...": Plot and/or ending details follow.
Reading the next part of this article may ruin your gaming experience if you have not already finished the game.
Faith door shadow

For the character, see Kate Connors.

Kate is the eighth chapter in Mirror's Edge.


Faith makes her way to the CC building, on the way she is ambushed by Pursuit Cops and escapes into the unfinished plaza.

Then she makes her way up the scaffolding and finds a sniper rifle which she uses to stop the van carrying Kate.

Afterwards, Faith fights her way through SWAT teams to get to Kate. If you shoot the orange and white poster to the right of the convoy, a giant rat appears and runs across the street. There is also a message in the level

P/K. you can go up to a message phone in the first area you get to go after the fall when you jump on the cargo transporter. Also in the level Kate, after you climb the atrium and go into the vent, you can hear a voice. You can also hear another voice after you fall down in the vent.


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