The H&K MP5K-PDW is a sub-machine gun carried by Pirandello Kruger SWAT forces, featuring a collapsible skeleton stock and a 15-round magazine. When Faith disarms a Pirandello Kruger unit that is using it, Faith grabs the MP5, partially collapses the stock, puts it around the neck of the soldier, hits his face off of her knee, then kicks him in the chest.


  • Even though the gun model has a 15 round magazine, the actual capacity in the game is 30 rounds.
  • Concept artwork for Mirror's Edge features an MP5SD6.
  • One of the very early trailers feature an MP5A5, it's only visible for a second.
  • This weapon is named TdWeapon_AssaultRifle_MP5K in the inventory list despite it being a sub-machine gun.


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