Downloadable Content is a section of Mirror's Edge is a virtual shop that can be only accessed by people with online support.


  • Profile Pictures: You can download "Profile Pictures" for your PS3 or Xbox 360. These consist of new profile images to use on your account.
  • Guide Videos: EA released "Guide/Tutorial" videos for Mirrors Edge. Currently, they've only released these videos for Chapters 1-3 and The Edge.
  • Music Video: The official Still Alive video can be downloaded on your console. It is higher quality than the version released by Electronic Arts on YouTube.

Pure Time TrialsEdit

EA Digital Illusions CE released the first and only Mirror's Edge DLC on January 29th 2009, "Pure Time Trials". It consisted of eight new Time Trial maps. The pack initially launched on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 with a price of $10USD. It has since seen subsequent price drops and is now available for $5USD.

On PC, the downloadable content is exclusive to the Origin edition of the game.

Time Trial MapsEdit

Exclusive Pure Time Trials MapEdit

In 2008, DICE partnered with Sony to release an all new "Pure Time Trials" map exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The content launched with the "Pure Time Trials" DLC and was free to download for all PS3 players.

  • Synesthesia

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