Dogen is the crime czar of Glass and his real name and murky origins are known only to himself. He specializes in black market goods and contraband and his customers are found among the high and low. His network is extensive, especially among the more corrupt elements of the Conglomerate, and many a security officer has at one time or another found herself indebted to Dogen.

Black November are equally dependent on him and though Rebecca Thane has vowed to shut his business down once the revolution is complete, she too cannot do without the services provided. Dogen happily plays all sides and it's hard to tell what, if any, his ultimate objective might be. Some claim he's doing it all only for the hell of it, aiding one corporation only to turn his back on them the next day if there's more money to be made. He can always be trusted to get a job done, in that he's never failed, but he shows allegiance to nothing and no-one but himself.


Dogen is a crime boss living in Glass. He first met Faith when his henchmen took her back to him, after she accidentally interrupted an illegal deal.

Being impressed with her wit and skill, he offered her a job, in exchange for a drawing that belonged to Faith's mother, Erika Connors. When Faith failed this job, he decided to end ties with her. Faith was persistent, however, and Dogen agreed to give her another chance at completing the job, only this time if she didn't complete it within 3 days, he threatened to burn her mother's drawing and break her ankles.

Faith managed to steal the vaccine from Celeste, but ended up giving it back to her before being detained by Krugersec guards. Dogen managed to use his power within the city to minimize her sentence to one year in juvie, rather than her being sent to "The Greylands".

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In order to partially repay her debt, Faith sabotages a building owned by the Anansi Group.


  • I once knew a young woman who would defy anyone and anything, even me in order to do what she felt was right. But you are clearly not her. -- Dogen and Faith's recent behaviour.
  • Machines make perfect food. But perfection is boring. It is the imperfections that make something unique. -- Dogen


  • Dogen was a Japanese Buddhist philosopher.


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