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"BE CAREFUL, FAITH. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'LL FIND IN THERE...": Plot and/or ending details follow.
Reading the next part of this article may ruin your gaming experience if you have not already finished the game.
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Celeste bust
Other namesCel (by friends), Celeste Wilson
AgeMid 20's
ResidenceMercury's Hideout
OccupationRunner Pursuit Cop
AffiliationRunners Pirandello Kruger
Voiced byEmily Beecham

Celeste Wilson (pronounced seh-LEST), often referred to as Cel, is a Runner and a close aide to Faith and Mercury. A born survivor, she takes pride in the pure artistry of running, but while she acts flamboyant she harbours a deeply imbedded cynicism towards her life. She is voiced by Emily Beecham.


Not much is known of Celeste before the events of Mirror's Edge however it is assumed that she started her life as a Runner after Faith. This is evidenced by her lack of knowledge of Jacknife in the preceding cutscene to his chapter.

Trained by Mercury but working for Drake, she started becoming disillusioned with the dangerous life of a Runner and began privately wishing that she could lead a more fulfilling life, quoting that "survival is've gotta live a little too" after Faith expressed that Runners lead a life of survival.

Celeste became involved in the Project Icarus program some time before the events of Mirror’s Edge, due to being blackmailed by Callaghan. This is evidenced when she says "Him (Robert Pope) or me" when confronted by Faith in level 7 (Boat). It is unknown how Callaghan actually confronted Celeste, due to her advanced manuverability as a runner to flee Callaghan, or perhaps Celeste said she was blackmailed to cover up her actual intention of being involved in the Project Icarus program to take down to Runners, regardless of her main intention to lead a more fulfilling life.


Mirror’s EdgeEdit

Mayoral candidate Robert Pope, once a prominent member in the Liberates movement against the Citizenship Program, was putting unwanted pressure on Project Icarus and it was decided that he must be removed.

Employing Celeste as an assassin, with the involvement of Travis “Ropeburn” Burfield, Pope’s head of security, it was decided that Pope should be killed and that a member of the CPF should be framed for it.

Meanwhile Celeste continued her business as a Runner, helping Mercury retrain Faith Connors after she recovered from an accident; however the framing of this CPF officer, a newly commissioned officer named Kate Connors, caused Faith Connors to become involved and chase after those who framed her sister.

While holding no personal grudge against Faith, Celeste was employed to deter her; assassinating Travis Burfield, however, as she was responsible for Pope’s death, she was soon targeted and pursued by Faith; resulting in her attempting to ambush her with Blues forces in the New Eden Mall. After this ambush, Faith discovers that Cel is part of the Pursuit Cops.

Faith would eventually catch her on a Burfield Shipping container on the city harbour. However, after an intense stand-off, Pirandello Kruger forces intervene and both Faith and Celeste escape from the boat unharmed.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Celeste has killed:


  • While not appearing in the Mirror's Edge (comic) series, Celeste does make a cameo appearance in the mini-comic released to advertise the series.
  • When fighting Celeste at the end of The Boat her blond ponytail does not appear behind her head until the 2D cut scene.
  • During the New Eden level, Celeste can be seen in her Pursuit Officer uniform running across buildings before the player enters the mall. If the player watches her carefully, its noticeable that her speed rapidly increases when she turns around a corner.
  • In one of the in-game files Jacknife can be heard saying something about Faith leaving Celeste to die, which is illogical since in a cutscene she is seen slowly walking away.
  • She is refered, by Faith Connors, as Cel.
  • Her last name was revealed in the Chapter 6.


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