Birdman was a runner long before it became a concept. When the Kruger Uprising started he was 13 years old and he became one of the unsung heroes of the rebellion, often working directly for Deter Kruger himself. The civil war that followed saw him fight with the conspirators against OmniStat but he often operated on his own, and his distaste for war and killing grew with every mission. Then the war ended and Cascadia was formed, but Birdman was unable to return to regular life.

Instead he ran. For birdman it became a natural way to get from A to B, running, leaping and climbing, and doing it more out of an urge to stay on the move than for the joy of it. As the Conglomerate began to reshape Glass, he found other offGrids also living on the rooftops, and Birdman reluctantly shared with them his vast knowledge of the many hidden routed he'd established.

These days he's stopped running and he's content to feed and care for his pigeons, with which he also provides a simple, offGrid, messenger.


  • Birdman's hair color has been changed to black from white in the Closed Beta.


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